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achiyo has been developing capacities that cover all the processes from the design phases that create drawings and 3D designs according to customer’s needs to verification of production, productivity mass production system of sample products, requirement tests, as well as the development based on specifications from customers.

Furthermore, as Yachiyo engages in development in the design feasibility stage that envisages and designs automobile manufacturing parts, we have an understanding not only of the parts provided by Yachiyo but also of the whole vehicle and develop parts with other automobile manufacturers’ views in mind.


MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSIn Yachiyo, as engineers are involved in all the processes from development, design and production, they are able to have a wider range of knowledge and experience to develop products from a standpoint of manufacturing.
Practicing the 3 field principle from designs, prototypes to tests and production, engineers observe the actual products on the spot and acknowledge the actual situation. Through the real situations, engineers are able to resolve the issue and work on the development of technic and quality.
The idea required during R&D stage is created by hand, not from the latest equipment and machine. Yachiyo works on human resources development based on the policy ”People are raised on the site through business” and “Create the climate to make people think by themselves”.

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Every Yachiyo worker has a strong will that they want to deliver the highest quality products and seeks for the quality.
The manufacturing pride of Yachiyo is uncompromising and workers challenge themselves without fearing failure. This is the motivating force of Yachiyo that aims for the top-level technic and allows workers to create new ideas and new technics.

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